Giants Causeway Visitors Centre

This project involved the production of over 100 stainless steel window frames to be installed in the main entrance areas of the centre.

The frames which measured up to 5m in length required a 55° angle to be accurately machined on 4 edges before being fabricated into a composite panel ready to accept the finished glazed unit.

The finish and accuracy of the frames was of paramount importance and using the well-equipped CNC workshop at Travan Precision Engineering we were able to meet the architect's stringent requirements.

Once machining had been completed, the frames were then moved into our fabrication department were they were assembled and welded together.

The finished frame was glass bead blasted to give the required finish and finally the frame was assembled into a composite unit completed with damp course.

Travan Precision Engineering delivered the completed units to site where they were installed ready to accept the glazing units. By delivering the completed unit we were able to reduce the on site time required by the glazing contractor.